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At Resguardo industries, we design and manufacture a complete range of innovative and high-quality fire and life solutions for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential environments. Our solutions are designed with in-depth research and development to make high-rise living safer, and to ensure that organisations will be self-sufficient to handle fire and medical emergencies until the appropriate services arrive.
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Our vision is to design and provide high-quality, cost-effective life and fire safety solutions to handle various fire and medical emergencies effectively. We are especially focused on offering safe evacuation solutions for fire and medical emergencies in high-rise buildings.
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Our Mission

We tirelessly innovate for safer high-rise living, especially for vulnerable groups. Our mission: unwavering integrity and dependable fire safety products. Committed to global organizations' safety with quality solutions. Dedicated to excellence in fire protection for a safer world.
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Are you sure that the Fire Extinguishers in your premises are actuallay Effective?

The aim of the MAP Quality Assurance Test is to determine the percentage of mono-ammonium phosphate(MAP) in ABC dry chemical powder. Do you know why it is important for us to know the percentage of mono ammonium phosphate powder present inside the ABC powder type extinguisher? ABC stored type fire extinguishers are commonly used in all buildings to put off fires of A, B and C types as well as electrically generated fires. ABC stored type fire extinguishers are completely sealed and we may not know the actual quality of the extinguishing media, that is, the quality of Mono ammonium phosphate(MAP) powder filled inside it. The percentage of MAP decides the extinguisher efficiency in effectively putting off a fire. The standard MAP content is expected to be around 40 to 90% and an extinguisher with 0% MAP cannot put off even a small amount of fire. Therefore is extremely important to test the quality of the powder using the "MAP Testing Kit".
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Resguardo offers innovative life safety and fire safety equipments & solutions including first aid and safety products, emergency evacuation chairs, escape smoke hood and fire extinguishers to safeguard all kinds of major industries such as commercial, residential & healthcare from fire accidents.
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