ABC Wheel Mounted CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher

Introducing our Resguardo ABC Wheel Mounted CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher, designed to provide effective fire suppression in various environments. Equipped with a CO2 (carbon dioxide) type fire extinguisher, these units are highly efficient in combating fires fueled by solid materials such as wood, paper, and cloth; flammable liquids like oil, petrol, and petroleum products, and flammable gases such as LPG, CNG, ethane, methane, and hydrogen. Additionally, they are effective in handling fires involving electrical equipment like panel boards, switchboards, motors, generators, etc.


Application Areas Residential Areas,Offices & Factories, Server Rooms / Data Centers, Education Institutions, Laboratories, Construction Sites, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Facilities, Oil and Gas Industry, Airports and Transportation Hubs

Technical Specification

Fire Extinguisher Capacity

25 KG

50 KG

Type of fire extinguisher

CO2 Type

CO2 Type

Fire Rating

20A, 233 B

20A, 233 B

Empty weight (KG) Approx.

30 kg

60 kg

Full weight (KG) Approx.

55 kg

110 kg

IS Standard

IS : 16018 : 2012

IS : 16018 : 2012

Throw of jet maintained

25 sec

40 sec

Range of jet

6 mtr.

8 mtr.

Working Pressure

15 KGF/CM²

15 KGF/CM²

Hydro Pressure

35 KGF/CM²

35 KGF/CM²

Bursting Pressure

55 KGF/CM²

55 KGF/CM²

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