ert-safety cap

Stay Protected with Our Safety Bump Cap

Bump Caps are appropriate for work situations that do not require ANSI-compliant head protection, but it is still desirable to have adequate head protection. Bump Caps reduce exposure to lacerations and abrasions caused by minor injuries on the head. They can also be used to provide head protection for ERT Members and EMT Members


Workers in construction and manufacturing companies face the risk of minor head injuries if not suitably protected. Hence, our safety bump caps provide adequate head protection.

The bump caps can be used by:

  • ERT Members,
  • ORT Members,
  • CRT Members,
  • EMT Members,
  • Factory Supervisors,
  • Maintenance Workers, and
  • Factory Operators.                                           

Application & Specification:

  • The inner shell is made up of PP (Polypropylene).
  • The outer cap is made up of 100% cotton.
  • It has perforated sides, which allow cross ventilation for better air circulation.

Available in orange and blue colors.

  • CE - EN 812 : 2012
  • Design Registration Number : 263306

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