Confined Space Trolley

Explore Our Confined Space Trolley for Complete Safety

The "Emergency Management Confined Space Trolley" is an innovative product designed to transport all the necessary life safety equipment for confined spaces. It features a call point that, when pressed, triggers a loud alarm accompanied by a flashing red light.


Additionally, an optional GSM facility is available, allowing the trolley to call and send messages to predetermined numbers, effectively notifying them about any emergencies that may arise within the confined space.

  • It is portable and can be easily transported to the confined space entry area.
  • It features a flashing red light alert.
  • It includes a loud siren.
  • Equipped with a 9V battery featuring a low battery level LED indicator.
  • It is outfitted with an optional call & SMS alert system.
  • Provisions are made to accommodate a stretcher, gas detector, O2 kit, SCBA, flameproof torch, and a first aid kit.

The dimensions of the confined space trolley are as follows: Length X Width X Height = 81 Centimeters.

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