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CE Approved Emergency Escape Smoke Hood

The Escape Smoke Hood is a simple life-saving device with mechanical and chemical filters that can block toxic gases such as CO, HCN, HCl, and Acrolein, providing occupants with a precious 15-minute window to safely escape from a building. Therefore, it is essential for office buildings, hospitals, industries, hotels, high-rise buildings, public entertainment places, schools, colleges, and more. In most fire accidents, it is not the fire itself but the smoke that causes severe damage and even loss of life.


Within every building or industry, there are vulnerable people and emergency support groups who require additional time to escape compared to regular occupants. Examples include OT doctors, staff, nurses, server room and network room engineers, lab scientists, process engineers, complex machine operators, and ERT members. This group of people may need extra time as they must follow specific shutdown procedures before leaving the building when the fire alarm rings.


The Escape Smoke Hood can be a lifesaver as it provides respiratory, head, and eye protection against smoke and toxic gases during a fire accident.

The hood is made from flame retardant fabric, which provides protection from fire and allows for a 15-minute lead time to safely escape from the building. The filter and canister are made of stainless steel material and contain a mechanical and chemical filter that blocks CO, HCN, HCl, Acrolein, and other toxic gases. The neck belt is made from stretchable elastic rubber.


The half-face mask is made from neoprene rubber and fits the user's face snugly. The one-way breathing valve, made of ABS plastic, prevents inhalation of toxic gases and is designed for exhaling only. The visor, made of soft PVC, does not easily melt, and the hood belt is made of cotton. Additionally, there is an air plug made of neoprene rubber, which is used to seal the ends of the filter when not in use.


  • The product is valid for 3 years.
  • The escape smoke hood is vacuum-packed and then placed inside the box, which can also be wall-mounted.
  • Clear instructions with graphical images are printed on the top of the box, explaining how to wear the mask in an emergency.
  •  Photoluminescent signage is also provided, and we recommend it to be fixed near the fire exits alongside the escape smoke hood box.
  • The visor is made of soft PVC, which does not easily melt even up to 120°C.

  • Product is CE approved and has an EN 403-2004 approval.
  • Design registration number : 275683

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