fire point trolley fire extinguisher

Mobile Fire Point Trolley - Advanced Fire Safety Solution

Fire points are well-established concepts for protecting high-risk areas in various industries, high-rise buildings, or under-construction sites. These areas include generators, panel rooms, battery rooms, HSD, solvent and chemical storages, processing areas, furnaces, boilers, and annealing areas, among others.


The Resguardo fire point trolley offers several advantages. It's mobile, containing 18kgs of MAP-90%. Additionally, it's equipped with a local alarm and flasher, along with a 9V battery featuring a low battery level LED indicator. Especially on under-construction sites or buildings where different hot works are in progress and fire fighting systems aren't yet in place, the Resguardo fire points can make a substantial difference in the event of a fire accident.


These fire points can also be enhanced with GSM and SMS alerts. Upon pressing the call point, a loud alarm rings, simultaneously triggering the sending of five messages and calls to five pre-designated senior safety/security officials responsible for safety. This GSM SMS system effectively alerts them about the emergency that has occurred.

  • Contains 9kg x 2 of MAP 90% for effective fire suppression.
  • Features smooth rubber wheels, ensuring easy and smooth movement.
  • Includes a flash alert mechanism for visual notification.
  • Equipped with a 9V battery along with a low battery level LED indicator.
  • Offers an optional Call & SMS Alerts feature for added communication.
  • Produces a loud siren alert to attract attention.

The fire point trolley, when equipped with a local alarm, weighs 13.5kg.

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