Foldable Stretcher - Regular Model

Foldable Stretchers: Elevate Emergency Response

Most people work in high rise buidings today and the number of high rise buildings is increasing rapidly all over the country. However many of the lifts in these buildings cannot accommodate a stretcher in case of medical emergencies.


Our product can facilitate easy evacuation in these situations. In tricky evacuations involving stairs, there is a risk of the patient slipping downwards and further injuring themselves. To avoid such accidents, we have added a foot pouch which prevents such accidents from occurring.


The Resguardo foldable stretcher is a lightweight foldable, portable easy to store stretcher, which can be used to shift immobile conscious or unconscious people to safety. It is made of lightweight aluminium alloy and metal body with a PVC coated polyester sheet with grippers for better handling.

  • Helps to move the person in case of a medical emergency.
  • Made of high strength aluminium tubular construction.
  • Lightweight, foldable, portable and safe.
  • Metal construction with durable cloth & gripper for better handling
  • Made of PVC coated polyester fabric
  • Build to withstand a load of 150 kgs.
  • Total weight of stretcher is 6kg. Build to with stand a load of 150kg

  • CE approved
  • ISO 13485:2016

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