Revolutionize Fire Safety with our HPT Machine for Fire Extinguishers

Introducing our cutting-edge Fire Extinguisher HPT Machine, engineered to provide efficient and reliable hydrostatic testing for fire safety equipment. This high-performance machine boasts a range of impressive specifications and features that set it apart in the industry.

Specifications of Hydrostatic Pump

  • Maximum Working Pressure: 70 bar
  • Volume Capacity: 300 LPH / 5 LPM
  • Motor: Single Phase, 2HP / 1440 RPM
  • 1/2" BSP Inlet and Outlet Ports
  • Power Requirement: Single Phase, 230V, 8A


  • Takes 7 minutes to test a batch of 5 cylinders.
  • Volume capacity of the hydrostatic pump is 5LPM.
  • Quick Release Coupling decreases filling cycle time by eliminating the time required to tighten and loosen the cylinder from discharge hoses.
  • Saves 30-40 seconds that are normally spent attaching and detaching each container to the testing machine.
  • Maximum working pressure of the hydrostatic pump is 70 bar.
  • Maximum working pressure of QRCs is 275kg/cm².
  • Power Requirement for the Pump is single phase 230 VAC 8A.

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