indirect fire sniper system

Advanced Indirect Fire Suppression System

Resguardo's Indirect Fire Sniper systems are designed for the protection of larger cabinets, fume hoods, electrical panels, server racks, UPS, battery racks, etc., which require a simultaneous release of extinguishing media at a rapid speed.


The indirect fire sniper system comprises a mild steel container with extinguishing media, a pneumatic indirect actuation valve, a linear heat sensing cable, steel tubing with spray nozzles, and manual release systems. The heat-sensitive cable runs across the equipment to be protected.

The heat-sensitive cable senses fire and heat at a temperature of 180°C. When the heat-sensitive cable melts and closes the circuit, it actuates the indirect valve. The pressurized fire extinguishing media enters the steel tubing through strategically placed nozzles, spraying it all around the equipment and instantly putting out the fire.


The system is fully automatic, and it is also equipped with a manual release button that can be used to activate the system manually if required. The Resguardo Indirect Fire Sniper systems are recommended for use in transformers, wind turbines, CNC machines, etc.

  • The Indirect Fire Sniper System is specially designed for applications where the fire hazard is located in areas that are difficult to access.
  • The volume of the protected enclosure is above 2m³.
  • Indirect fire sniper system user sensing cable to detect fire and operate the system.
  • Additionally, the Indirect Fire Sniper System can be equipped with RTD sensors and smoke detectors, among other features.
  • Indirect fire sniper system with RTD sensors can be provided with two set points. In case of fire, first set point will create alert through siren regarding fire incident. Second set point will actuate system automatically.

  • LPCB Approval as per the standard LPS: 1666: Issue 1.0

Certificate Number: 1604a

  • Extinguishing Agent- UL Approval & FM approval

CE approved

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