LPCB Approved DLP Fire Suppression System

LPCB Approved DLP Fire Suppression System

Most companies and establishments have fully-fledged fire detection and protection systems, such as fire alarms, hydrants, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. However, there are a few important additional equipment, machinery, and electrical panel boards that require customized micro-level protection. These areas are often hidden, inaccessible, and unmanned, making them potential sources for fire origin and spread within the building or plant


Fire sniper systems offer a simple, cost-effective, and maintenance-free solution. This pre-engineered system can address the issue at its origin and at the incipient level. The system consists of a cylinder charged with the extinguishing agent, an actuation valve with a pressure gauge, and a polymer heat and flame detection tube.


The polymer heat and flame tube is red in color, flexible, and can be routed inside cabinets or equipment, close to the point of fire risk. In case of flame impingement or exposure to heat, the pressurized tube will burst at the hottest point, and the fire extinguishing agent is discharged directly to the heart of the fire.


  • Fire Sniper Systems are simple, cost-effective, and maintenance-free.
  • It is a pre-engineered system that can address fires at their origin and at the incipient level. The system is equipped with a flexible polymer tube pressurized between 10-18 bar.
  • During any fire accident or exposure to heat, the pressurized tube will burst at the hottest point (between 110°C - 140°C), directly targeting the heart of the fire.
  • This system is fully automated and does not require any power supply.
  • The suppression agent used is FK5112 Fluroketone, specifically Dodecfluro-2 methylpentan-3-one, which has zero ozone depletion potential and a 5-day atmospheric lifetime.
  • It has a low global warming potential, is electrically non-conductive, and is recognized by UL and approved by LPCB and FM.

  • LPCB Approval as per the standard LPS: 1666: Issue 1.0 
  • Certificate Number: 1604a
  • Extinguishing Agent- UL Approval & FM approval.

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