Motorised Evacuation Chair

Emergency Motorized Evacuation Chair

EVACUATION CHAIR - The Motorized Evacuation Chair is used to evacuate elderly, pregnant women and differently abled individuals through the staircase in highrise buildings during any emergency when the lifts are generally grounded.

The belt is motorized and controlled to take the chair up and down staircases without any external support and has a light to provide proper vision in evacuation scenarios. Chair can move effortlessly on wheels over flat surfaces and glides down using a high friction and ridged belt drive.

It has liftable handles to pick up the chair in required situations. There is maximum comfort and safety with an adjustable headrest, arm rest, foot rest, harness straps and cushioned seating. The maximum load capacity for the chair is 200kg and the battery can be used to travel upto 200 flights of stairs.


Motorized Evacuation Chair Feature


  • Body made out of high strength aluminium
  • Lithium ion battery – rechargeable with power level indicator
  • Battery powered, hence it can move up & down
  • Lockable Liftable handles are provided to lift the chair manually
  • Very good seating ergonomics.
  • Cushion seat for comfort
  • Arm rest made out of soft PU material.
  • Harness strap at leg, chest & head
  • Stair track with good grip.
  • Adjustable extendable handle
  • LED safety light
  • All controllable at top
  • Master key operated to avoid theft or unauthorised use


Motorized Evacuation Chair Specifications


  • Foldable height - 1170mm
  • Foldable width - 580mm
  • Foldable depth - 350mm
  • Open height - 1600mm
  • Open width - 580mm
  • Open depth - 1100mm
  • Chair weight - 35kg
  • Maximum load capacity - 200kg
  • Battery capacity - 25.9V 25Ah

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