Smart Evac Management System For Safety Evacuation Solution

Smart Evac Management System is the most comprehensive Evacuation Management System to track Zonal / Floor level evacuation and also to track the evacuation of differently-abled and pregnant women.


The complete system comprises a Floor level / Plant level Evacuation Management Station, wall-mounted next to the Fire exits with Tag boxes & tags. The Tag control station will be with the building / plant evacuation supervisor.


In case of an emergency, once the alarm is raised, the designated ERT / Floor warden who is responsible for evacuating their particular zone / floor ensures that each and every room is checked and marks the room checked with a "post-it" on every door. 


After ensuring everyone is evacuated, ERT warden pulls out the tag from the zone map display board. He must report to the building / plant evacuation supervisor at the safe assembly point and match it with a predesignated slot in Tag Control Station. 


Once All clear before occupying the space, Tag must be placed back in the designated slot in zone map display.

One smart evac consists of:

  • Zone map display board (varies with respect to escape staircase & number of floors).
  • Two sets of TAG boxes (varies with respect to zone number on the map displays).
  • TAG control station.
  • SMART EVAC photoluminescent signage.
  • Design registration number: 333479-001.

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