UL Listed Kitchen Fire Suppression System

UL Listed Kitchen Fire Suppression System

All commercial kitchens nowadays are highly modernized to cater to round-the-clock simultaneous cooking and frying. However, they are a huge fire risk as hot cooking oils or deep-fat fryers can act as catalysts, converting a kitchen into a furnace in minutes.


Hot cooking oils can auto-ignite at 375°C - 420°C, making them a major cause of kitchen fires. Regular dry chemical or CO2 fire extinguishers cannot suppress or extinguish these fires. In this scenario, the Kitchen Fire Sniper system can come to your rescue and extinguish kitchen fires in seconds.


It is recommended for kitchen hoods and ovens in industrial kitchens, commercial kitchens of restaurants, food courts, hotels, pg accommodations & guest houses, villas, malls, large institutions, cafeterias, independent houses, and hospitals.

  • Fully automated kitchen fire suppression system
  • Stainless steel container with wet chemical agents
  • Saponification of hot oils by wet chemical agents
  • Wet chemical agents also cool the surrounding areas and prevent re-ignition
  • Linear heat sensing cable (150°C - 180°C)
  • Automatic Actuation Valve
  • Provision for Manual Activation of the system
  • Steel tubing with a spray nozzle
  • Available in capacities of 7.5L, 12.5L, 17.5L, 22.5L, and 27.5L

  • UL Approved
  • Water Associated Wet Chemical Solution
  • Certificate Number: UL-US-2239015-0
  • Wet Chemical Solution Extinguisher System
  • Certificate Number: UL-US-2239014-0

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